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Journey to the Savage Planet has crashing issues on Stadia, Google working on a fix

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Months after Google acquired the studio behind it, Journey to the Savage Planet finally made its debut on Stadia early this month with new expansions and no cost for Pro subscribers. Unfortunately, Journey to the Savage Planet on Stadia faced some crashing and freezing bugs, but a fix is coming.

If you take a peek at the Stadia subreddit, you’ll find many reports of Journey to the Savage Planet players encountering the game crashing or freezing. It’s not super common for issues like this to crop up on the cloud streaming platform, but usually, it’s just an issue with the port that went unnoticed. Unfortunately, when it happens, there’s not a ton players can do to troubleshoot the problem since the game is running on a server farm potentially hundreds of miles away.

Thankfully, Google finally acknowledged the issue this week. On the official Stadia Twitter account, Google confirmed it was aware of these crashing and freezing issues on Journey to the Savage Planet. Apparently, the Stadia team is working with its partner publisher on a fix for the issues.

Thanks for the details. We’re aware of this and our team is diligently working with our partner publisher on a fix. We’d suggest keeping an eye on our social channels for updates. We appreciate your patience!

— Stadia (@GoogleStadia) February 21, 2021

It’s worth noting that the “partner publisher” for Journey to the Savage Planet is actually Google itself. The game was the first published under the Stadia Games and Entertainment badge for the “Developers” tag, ironically going live on the platform on the day that SG&E was shuttered. As a result, we’re not entirely sure where Google is looking to for a fix, though the task is likely falling to what remains of Typhoon Studios or the other publisher, 505 Games.

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